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Pulling multiple counters of the same type from a sheet

Posted: 14 Apr 2015, 14:36
by Steelwhip im pretty sure Ive seen this somewhere before. a command that allows you to pull multiple counters of the same type off a counter sheet. Saw it once when I was poking around in a module some time back but I don't remember how the exact placement of it of where it goes.

the command was (I think) "count=2" but I cant remember how to exactly place it and where it goes in the countersheet command line. I got something im working on where I need to have multiple counters pulled from the same sheet.

Posted: 15 Apr 2015, 04:04
by Bill Barrett

Posted: 15 Apr 2015, 04:53
by Steelwhip
Thanks Bill! Figured you would be the one to point me in the right direction.