ZunTzu question: A friend bought a Chromebook

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ZunTzu question: A friend bought a Chromebook

Post by Woody8297 »

Does anyone know if you can run ZunTzu on a Chromebook? I don't know anything about them.

Thanks for any help.
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Re: ZunTzu question: A friend bought a Chromebook

Post by Chobham_1980 »

Hi Woody,

No. As of today (in May, 2021), ZT SETUP file, only works on Windows Operating System (OS). But, 'Browser support' is different! If a friend wants to download the ZT core program - this is possible with ALL browsers! I have checked with (MS Edge/Firefox/Goggle). All of these work in downloading ZT core program: see https://zuntzu.com/files.htm - - even though the core download seems dependent on pre-2019 technology - it is truly is different & impressive!

In other words, Jerome's recent update to the core-program download, makes it easier to 'download' the ZT 1.2 core program with multiple 'browsers' and language! However, you still need a MS Windows machine - even if 32K (like Win XP, 7, 8 or 10) - or a 64K Win 10 machine; in order to run this version.

I guess, what I'm saying, is that in the past few months, Jerome has been 'pushing' ZT into the 64K world! His extra effort should be acknowledged. This took his time to make sure: NEW users can play ZT games into the future and download much easier with multiple browsers; not just MS Edge etc.!

Keep watching the ZT2 Forums - for more information . . . But, feel confident --> a friend who is interested in ZT can safely and easily download ZT core program!

Thanks Jerome, for your recent efforts!

PS I'm no programming expert, but Jerome and 'Anonymous' (another C# programmer) are working towards a more solid 64K+ ZT future. A complicated task.

If you are a C# programmer, please feel free to contact Jerome or myself - more 'official' programmers are needed to keep ZT useful into the ZT 64K world!
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