Questions/ideas about zuntzu 2.0

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Questions/ideas about zuntzu 2.0

Post by Geralt »

1) question or functionality request: Will it be possible to add button to desynchronising view? I mean - for now every player see the same view. But sometimes it is good to check something. It would be great feature: click icon to desynchronise view - you don't see then shared view but your own. You can not move cards etc but you can change looks/zoom in zoom out/tabs/also look in your hand etc. Then if you click this icon again it will synchronize with main view again. It would be realy great :).
2) Clock/stopwatch (you could hide or show it in options or by combination of keys (on keyboard)).
3) Magnifying glass option to read something on board on main view (you want read but don't want to move view for all players)

1) Is it still developed?
2) What is a progress of 2.0 version?
3) Will it be developed on PC (please, please yes :) )

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Post by btrhoads »

I think version 2 has either been abandoned or put on hold indefinitely. About a year ago there was some motion, but not much since then.
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It is shame :(...

Post by Geralt »

:( It is a sad news. It is a great program and I and my friends still prefer to use it then vassal (event it is harder to find game-boxes - dead link and lower popularity then vassal). But it needs some polishing (some bugs (like disappearing cards) and some additional functionalities (there is no needs of many new functionalities - but only the most crucial for ergonomic of game) ).

At last code of this program could be open-source. It would not be harm for anyone if it is abandoned anyway. Then it would be possible for other programmers to develop it further.
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Post by gekkonidae »

A couple of years ago I asked Jerome about putting "touch" buttons on Zuntzu 1 but as he said, Zuntzu2 was taking all his time.
Perhaps now it would be a good moment for it. The trouble in Zuntzu on a tablet is that you can´t do the "upside-down" movement, as it was done with double-right clic ( if im not wrong), anyway it was a combination you could not do in a tablet.

Just putting several buttons on screen that can be pressed both with mouse and with finger (in tablets) you get Zuntzu full working on a tablet. And there are a lot of modules for Zuntzu 1.

I think it would be great but of course, nobody likes working for free. Now the platforms like kickstarter make it easier and faster than the old "donations" method. Sometimes only the people who visits the place, knows about the project. On the other side, kickstarter has a name and a market.

Do you think it is a good idea?
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