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problem with XML string in adding counters/card

Posted: 08 Mar 2013, 14:31
by Arrigo
I am doing a play-test module for a new (secret) game. Everything is running fine except i cannot add a deck of cards.

I put the following strings in the game box:

<counter-sheet name="Cards"
front-image-file="TarawaCards1.jpg" front-resolution="150 dpi"
back-image-file="TarawaCards1.jpg" back-resolution="150 dpi">
<counter-section rows="3" columns="3"
front-left="12" front-top="3" front-right="1168" front-bottom="1512”
back-left="12" back-top="3" back-right="1168" back-bottom="1512” />

and the XML refuses to work, I got the usual XML exception error, but to me is seems all the < and > are properly placed.

any idea?


Posted: 08 Mar 2013, 18:29
by Bill Barrett

Somehow you've introduced two non-standard double-quote characters after "1512...

Change them to normal ones and it'll parse.

Regards, Bill.