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Publisher Corner - - Avalon Hill

Posted: 20 Apr 2022, 22:00
by Chobham_1980
Hi ZT Folk:

Avalon Hill. What can ZT Folk upload to ZT2 Files? What ZT can say, "Bring-it-on."

Please feel free in requesting older (pre-1990?) to be hosted on our ZT2 site. Because, at this point ZT1/ZT2 has never received a request to delete these ZTB games. Do see the 'blue-links' on our current site. If AH has an active selling game (see their site - like "Axis & Allies"), please attempt to contact AH and their artists before sending. And let us know of your experience. However, we will host such newer games: Just to test AH.

Still, since 2010+, ZunZtu has not been asked to remove any older AH classic games. Nor have they answered ZT requests concerning their e-platform policy.

ZT Folk - at this point, it seems we are cool with pre-1990 AH classic games like "Afrika Korps" and many others.

Got a classic (pre-1990's) AH game to submit? Please do so - - we are available for hosting your ZTB design! Design as you want.

Regards, ZT Upload Team

PS To Avalon Hill: Please contact us should you have any questions . . . ZT wishes to advertise your site . . . A Famous name in our hobby!

PSS Of course: Do not sell your design without first contacting AH!

Re: Publisher Corner - - Avalon Hill & VG

Posted: 30 Sep 2022, 22:42
by Chobham_1980
Hi ZT Folks,

Feel confident in requesting uploads for Victory Games (VG). This was an older Publisher which was/is owned by Avalon Hill.

Like older AH games, it seems VG is the same! We will allow any VG ZTB game hosted on our site. And as always attribute the Publisher :D

"Play, save and make ZTBs for our gaming heritage!"