Changing the widescreen option to fit 1920x1080?

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Changing the widescreen option to fit 1920x1080?

Post by Easy »

In the settings for ZunTzu there is an option to toggle Widescreen mode. Without the setting enabled, the available table space is limited to 4:3. With it on, it's limited to 16:10. On a 16:9 display (1920x1080) this leaves some black bars of unused space on each side.

Is there any way to hack around this to get ZuNTzu to use the full screen space? Something in a config file perhaps?
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Re: Changing the widescreen option to fit 1920x1080?

Post by Chobham_1980 »

Hi Easy! Great question 8)

Over the years, while moving from MS XP's 32k environment towards MS 10's 64K environment; many things have programmatically changed :(

For example, television formats have changed, over the years from 4:3 aspect and 16:9 aspect (TV widescreen), ZT core had already been written by Jerome during the standard 4:3 aspect ratio period. However, he also included the 16:9 ratio - even though it was NOT standard.

Of course computer aspect ratios are different, but this has been a known question for future ZT development.

See the 'Zun Ztu 2.0', 'Technical' Topics for what has already been discussed. All ZT C# programmers are aware of topics like this one 8)

Jerome and his Anonymous C# programmer are aware of this issue. Depending on complex programing issues, "can the black-bars" be tamed?
I'm not sure on the technical aspects, but (I believe) this might be part of any official ZT core program update :wink:

As Easy noted, wouldn't it be neat to have ZT Core use all monitor real estate :?:

Anyone know a C# programmer who would like to support Jerome and Anonymous in developing ZT? If so, have them contact us here on ZT Forums - private or public . . . Things ARE AFOOT with ZT - so, keep watching :!:

Easy - what an excellent way to focus the programming team :D

Regards, Rich

PS ZT programmers: is this 'sort-of' right? Assume so, unless overridden by these two experts!
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Re: Changing the widescreen option to fit 1920x1080?

Post by Edgar »

I included a 16:9 in the ZunTzu screen options but I haven't uploaded it yet because it needs more testing. When that's done I'll send the changes to Jerome and he may upload it if it's all correct.
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