Dice Pools

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Dice Pools

Post by Quest »

Would like the ability to create dice pools. Something, like a dice cup, where you could drag various different (or the same) type of dice into the cup. When you have what you want, then you can roll from the cup, causing all dice inside to go.

Then, would like to be able to leave the dice 'on the table' until evaluated, then, upon user interaction, they are returned to the dice area.
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Post by Heath »

I would also add dice locking (e.g. Yahtzee dice).
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Post by neoxs »

I also have a question about the dice. Is version 2.0 will be the Possibility of separate dices? or stop the dice on the table? I mean will be greater interaction dices?
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Post by Jerome »

Yes, dice will be implemented in a better way in ZunTzu 2.
Jerome, ZunTzu developer.
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