Rich and Edgar join the ZunTzu team

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Rich and Edgar join the ZunTzu team

Post by Jerome »


I am glad to announce that ZunTzu is no longer a one-man effort. Rich and Edgar have offered to help manage this web site.

Rich (Chobham_1980 on this forum) at the moment is also leading an effort to identify and locate all the ZunTzu game boxes ever made.

Edgar is a software developer. He will help me modernise the ZunTzu app. By the way, ZunTzu is now free software. The source code is published on GitHub.
Jerome, ZunTzu developer.
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Re: Rich and Edgar join the ZunTzu team

Post by Easy »

Great news!

ZunTzu is by far my favorite tabletop app and has the best approach to usability both in terms of playing games and building/iterating on gameboxes. I have been playing more games on Tabletopia lately and am constantly wishing it worked more like ZunTzu. Simple things like stacking or shuffling cards properly are completely beyond my group to accomplish successfully and everything ends up in messy piles. Tabletop Simulator is so complicated to use (if you're not in VR) that my group won't play anything on it.

I use ZunTzu almost every day and have a short wishlist of things I'd like to see fixed/improved, but I am looking forward to any progress being made on the app! Simply being able to download all of the great gameboxes that were made for ZunTzu over the years again would be a HUGE boon.

Thanks, Jerome, for keeping ZunTzu alive all these years!
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