Frof of War ?

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Frof of War ?

Post by Cambronne »

Hi all,
I am looking forward any solution to built a wargame with "frog of war".
What does it mean ?
Imagine counters, back face being seen by your opponent, and front face being seen by you only.
Is it possible ?
What could be the best solution ?
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How about this idea & test case?

Post by Chobham_1980 »


:!: :!: Yes, this is a most interesting ZT design topic :!: :!:

I made a ZT box for the classic Avalon Hill game 'Midway.' Midway was designed as a face-to-face game with a screen between opponents to hide each player's search board. In my ZunTzu design, I placed this text message to describe how to best play the game, see #2 & #3 points:

" Hi Fellow Grognard:

Here are some notes concerning this ZunTzu module:

1) On the Search Countersheet, just to the left of CV Akagi, there is a 'black box' which can be used as a damage marker. A supply of '180' is encoded, so there are more than plenty for the 'Ship Record' chart.

2) I expect this game to be used between players on the internet. Therefore, the Search Boards were split into two tabs. Use the "Hide Board" feature to hide during play.

3) Over the internet, it might be best to play this game by opening 2 instances of ZT on each computer.
In this way, one instance can run the game for both users and be used for all functions where the users need to interface, like using the Battle Board. Of course this 1st instance needs to be connected via the net.

However, the second instance should NOT be connected. In this way, each player can access their search board simultaneously. Using the 'connected 1st instance' to communicate, and share the 'Charts' tab (turn record), 'BattleMap' tab etc. . . . I suspect this will speed up play.

I hope you will enjoy a few more plays of this historic war-game! "

Unfortunately, I have never played an internet connected game with ZT :cry: So, be aware that what I surmise as possible - well, may not work :roll:

:?: :?: Anyone want to test this box and these ideas :?: :?:

Link for AHMidway1964 box - - - > ... dway64.ztb

Unpack the ztb for the text message. Please report if any of these ideas work . . . I'll keep this file up for awhile (or if unavailable, contact me) . . . .

Regards, Rich
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Cambronne: Moving to Game-Box Design Forum

Post by Chobham_1980 »

Hi ZT Folks:

Moving this topic to "Game boxes - Discuss game box design and sharing" forum.

I have an idea that just might work with regards to ZT design for 'block-games' :!:

- Rich
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