ZunTzu...Bill what's the latest?

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ZunTzu...Bill what's the latest?

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[Post] Thu Sep 01, 2016 7:17 pm Reply with quote
Well I'm still here (albeit less often than in the past) Very Happy

For a long time I've been working on some stuff that I hope you'll find encouraging and exciting, but it'd be foolish for me to get anyone's hopes up before I'm ready Wink

Time permitting (and let's face it - time is the most precious commodity for a hobby project such as this) I will have something to show you in the not too distant future.

It would of course be nice if Jerome popped in to show that he was at least still alive and kicking...

Regards, Bill.

Hi Bill,

You posted that quite a while ago, and despite your not wanting to "get anyone's hopes up" you got mine up. I was hoping for more. How about you spill the beans and let the rest of us know what it is that you don't have ready yet. Truthfully, I don't care that it's not ready...only that you're still working on it...whatever "it" is.

It's really sad what's happened to ZunTzu. I submit gameboxes every now and then and I see that they get downloaded. There are still a good number of people who use this amazing thing. It's so much more intuitive than Vassal and just plain cleaner. What the hell happened here?

Give us what you've got Bill. You may not think it's ready, but maybe we can help.

Anybody know how to clean up all the spam on these forums?

Best wishes to all the good ZunTzu followers here.
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Here - Here!

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Hi Frank:

Here - Here! :)

regards, Rich
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