Does anyone know what's going on with ZunTzu?

It's like watching a good friend die. Sad.

Does anyone know anything? Anything? The latest posts are all spam and worse. Every now and then they get cleaned up but usually not. I check in and there's no discussion about the future of ZunTzu. Just more spam. Today it's obscene.

I know somebody took up when Jerome dropped out. I gathered that he was working with Jerome's blessing. What's come of that? I was hoping there would be a resurgence.

Anybody know? Does anybody have a connection or inside information that they can share?

Does anybody care?

No inside info here, but I wanted to chime in that I care. :)

I still use ZunTzu actively as a rapid prototyping platform and check the forums occasionally to find out if the community or development has suddenly sprung back to life.

The guy that offered to continue work on ZunTzu disappeared without making any updates to the software or posting about why he decided to drop it. I was hoping he'd fix a couple of bugs at least.

I do wonder who has been cleaning up the spam, maybe the forum is haunted...
Good to hear that 'folks' are still coming by to see what is up on the forums.

I intend to leave at least one question or message per month.

In the meantime - - I hope the 'ghost' will clean up some spam and leave a clue or two about who she/is (or was?) Shocked

Regards to all . . . Rich
Well I'm still here (albeit less often than in the past) Very Happy

For a long time I've been working on some stuff that I hope you'll find encouraging and exciting, but it'd be foolish for me to get anyone's hopes up before I'm ready Wink

Time permitting (and let's face it - time is the most precious commodity for a hobby project such as this) I will have something to show you in the not too distant future.

It would of course be nice if Jerome popped in to show that he was at least still alive and kicking...

Regards, Bill.
Embarassed Sorry, in my last post I meant to say, " . . . leave a clue or two about who he/she/is (or was?) . . ."

| > Now for a sťance:

Phantasm, would you like a bit of help in cleaning up the spam in the forums?

I'm not an IT guy, but if it isn't too difficult - you count me in to contribute!

Thanks, Rich

End sťance < | Rolling Eyes