My Counter Sheet is not displaying

I put together a test module and it loads fine except for the counter sheet. The module loads and only shows the dice, and the map. There are no tabs at the bottom and I cannot pull any counters over. Here is a sample of the game-box.xml file. Please let me know what is wrong.
<dice-hand type="D10">
<dice count="1" color="ffffff" pips="000000" />
<map name="Battle of the Bulge" image-file="WT_fullMap.png" resolution="300 dpi" />
<counter-sheet name="Counters"
front-image-file="WT_CS_front.jpg" front-resolution="150 dpi"
back-image-file="WT_CS_back.jpg" back-resolution="150 dpi">
<counter-section rows="2" columns="8"
front-left="30" front-top="30" front-right="532" front-bottom="155"
back-left="1080" back-top="30" back-right="578" back-bottom="155" />

Thank you!!
What does your scenario (.zts) file look like?
Silly me, I hadn't even considered the fault may be in the (.zts) file. Here is what I have.

game-box="Winter Thunder"
scenario-name="Battle of the Bulge"
scenario-description="Battle of the Bulge"
scenario-copyright="Tiny Battles Publishing">
<layout board="Battle of the Bulge" />

Thanks for looking at this. I'm sure it's a simple error and look forward to solutions.
Yes, you need to add the following line:

<layout board="Counters" />


<layout board="Battle of the Bulge" />
That was the missing piece. Thank you so much! Now I just need to figure out matching the co-ordinates so that the front and back of the counters match up.