Fire in the Lake

Who do I contact at GMT for permission to publish Fire in the Lake? I made a ZunTzu copy for myself when I received the game and would like to share it, but I dare not do so without permission since it is so new. I tried sending them a message through their web page but I did not receive an answer. Do they have a process for this sort of thing? Do they require encryption?
GMT doesn't require encryption per se, but they're wary of releasing graphics above 200dpi, especially for new or "in print" games. I also think their experience with VASSAL and Cyberboard modules makes them wonder why anyone would want to go higher than that. I got lucky when I did "No Retreat!", because I got mostly full resolution files via the designer Wink

However, if your module uses scans rather than GMT's "original artwork" then I don't think you'll have any problems. I suggest you ask for permission on the company's forum on Consimworld.

Regards, Bill.
Thanks Bill.