List of existing features and functionality for Zun Tzu?

Hi all. Very Happy
This is my first post here, so I apologize if it's in the wrong place.
I've been working a little bit with Zun Tzu, and it looks like an awesome program.

Is there any place that lists the complete feature set or xml specification for Zun Tzu?

The only places I'm aware of are the tutorial and the grammar flow chart. Though both seem to be out of date.
(e.g. The grammar chart doesn't seem to mention terrain-sheets (see Updates "14th of January 2008"), and the tutorial doesn't explain what they are or how to use them.)

Any suggestions are welcome. Very Happy
I have not come across a master document that is comprehensive and complete. Between the forum and the tutorial, most things can be figured out. If anyone felt like compiling such a document I would be willing to assist, but i can't lead such a project because of time constraints. I think the idea of a comprehensive document was put aside due to the pending release of version 2, but that seems to have stalled.
Okay, no problem. Smile
Thanks for the reply.

I'm just starting to work with ZunTzu, so I'm not sure what is and isn't available in the way of documentation.