Game box problems Boardgame java

I am trying to make a gamebox of java.

As long as your tile is placed on "even ground" the bottom level there is no problem.
But is there a way to stack the tiles on each other and see the difference between the levels of the tiles ?

I did the titles as counter-section and as card-section
Card section seems to work best.

maybe there is a way of writing the numbers on the cards like in the above example

This is the example of the real game board.

This raw version of my game box

Java.ztb - 3.1 MB

I think I have done it.
This is the final version of my game box.

java.ztb - 4.36 MB -



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I have an idea, but I can't download that gamebox - the site simply reports that my download limit has been exceeded (although I've never used it).

Maybe you should try Mediafire for free online storage...

Regards, Bill.
I don't have problems with

But I uploaded it on mediafire too.

It's the raw version wich means no scenarios no board setup.

Just drag and drop the cards/tiles/palace cards/tokens on to the gameboard.


Yup, got it.

Now I'm not familiar with this game, but I had a quick squint at the rules on BGG and I think that the simplest solution would be for you to make up a set of number graphics defined as "counters" (because counters always appear "above" cards).

By default a tile without a number would be at level one, but all above would have to have a "2", "3" and so on placed on top. It would be best if these had two sides, so that if a level "2" tile had another one placed on it, you'd only need to right-click on the number to change it to a "3".

Regards, Bill.
I was also thinking about double side tiles with numbers on it

But it can also go up to level "4" "5" and so on (look at the picture of the real game)
So I need a title with "2" and "3"
a title with "4" and "5"
a title with "6" and "7"
... never stacked that high myself in a game of java

and when the 3 sided titles (three hexes connected to each other in a triangular formation) are gone the game is finished (there are 56 of them).

Any sugestions

But then I read your post again.
You mean numbers as counter-section and the numbers always will appear above the card-section


Yes counters are always on top of everything.

Another idea is that you could define a hexagonal counter with the numbers 2-7 in each "corner" - if a player plays a tile over another, you'd then simply rotate the counter so that the next level number appears at the top...

Might get a bit ugly though Wink

Regards, Bill.
I update my gamebox of java

I think is pretty good now (any suggestions)
I have added scenarios for 2-3 and 4 players.

To begin select a scenario and shuffle the palace cards
Give every player three palace cards and you are ready to go.

When you build higher than ground level select a card with the corresponding level number and discard a similar ground level card.

I think that might be an over complex solution.

I would still try the "numbers as counters" idea (although perhaps Jerome will enable something better in v2 Wink)

Regards, Bill.
Maybe you can help me a little
and take my zuntzu file and make some changes to it.

I don't know if the use the expression in English but we say
Many hands make light work. Very Happy

Because java is a great game with very little luck involved.

Thanks for your feedback

Is Jerome still developing zuntzu?
A 3d option (just one side view with the whole overview of the board) will be awesome.
I really like the interface. Zooming and panning reminds me a lot of the 3d program Maya (a 3d program.)
But then again I don't know if it is possible.


Zwever Very Happy
If I understand correctly the issue is caused by the difficulty to visually assess the altitude of a tile in ZunTzu, is that right?
I can't think of a satisfying solution, giving ZunTzu is 2D. Sad

What I would do is use markers to indicate the level of a tile - with both a number and a color code.
I'll make sure all markers would "bubble up" above the tiles by having tiles implemented has playing cards.
Having markers as wheels would obviously avoid a lot of swapping and flipping.

Jerome, ZunTzu developer. You are correct about the difficulty to visually assess the altitude of a tile in ZunTzu. Sad

I do not quite understand the markers as wheels.

You have landtitles with 3 hexagons - 2 hexagons and 1 hexagon.
And than you have to place landtiles Partially overlapping other tiles. (the only way to place a tile on top of another)

a 3 space tile may not be placed
directly on top of a 3 space tile
a 2 space tile may not be placed
directly on top of a 2 space tile
a 1 space tile may not be placed
directly on top of a 1 space tile

Do I have to place the numbers allready on the board ?
can you rotate the numbers from 1 to 7, 8 , ... and how to do it in zuntzu ?
And if you cannot rotate the numbers I have to take a tile and swap the numbers.

Zwever wrote:
I do not quite understand the markers as wheels.

Here's an example: and its mask:

To read the value of such a counter, just look for the number at the top. You can increment or decrement the value by rotating the counter.

You would setup one such counter on each hex at the start of the game.
Each time you stack a tile, you will increment the counters overlapping that tile by rotating the wheels. For a three-space tile, you would have to rotate three counters.

However, I am not convinced it is more satisfying than your solution about using different kinds of numbered tiles.

Jerome, ZunTzu developer. Nice job on the game box. One suggestion: It looks like you've taken a stock image from bgg for the gameboard. I would imagine you did this because of the difficulty in scanning a large object like that. If you haven't already, give this a try:

It's a stitching program that can take multiple overlapping scans and assemble them into one large image automatically. It really works like magic. Basically all you have to do is provide the images (making sure they overlap by around 10% or so) and it will instantly figure out who to assemble them into a complete image that looks great.

Give it a try!


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I have fixed a few problems.

Fixed more number land tiles available.
Changed the color of the player tokens and the numbers on the titles for better visibility.

download it here

Heat be my guest to scan the game board because it's to big to fit on my A4 scanner (even folded in 4 )


I think that it looks much better, but I still think it's a bit too fiddly and error-prone as a solution.

Have you tried just using masked numbers (defined as "counters")?

Regards, Bill.