Victory Point Games

New gamebox added (and many more to come from VPG games Very Happy ) - Operation Veritable.

It allows you to play up to 6 games at once (all my gameboxes will have this feature from now on Very Happy ).
VPG's Bulge 20 now available Smile
The Arduous Beginning now posted in the Files section.

Once again I've included "scenarios" that enable you to play multiple games at once (and even one that allows you to play 25 games - but you'll need quite a lot of RAM and time for that Smile )
Bulge 20 game box now upgraded to include the Expansion Kit (download from the same location).
And now:

Battle For Moscow 2nd Edition.

Great intro game from Frank Chadwick (1986), made better by Alan Emrich and VPG (2009).

Enjoy Smile
Thanks for the boxes Bill.
My pleasure Smile

Many more to come...

It's been a while coming, but I've just posted Gzhatsk 20 from VPG in the Files section.

There will be two more coming in the next couple of days, and I hope to have a few more shortly after Very Happy
Smolensk 20 is now live Smile
...and so is Borodino 20 Smile
New VPG game box available - Objective: Kiev Very Happy
New VPG game box available - Target: Leningrad Very Happy
Here's another one - No Retreat! (with the Na Berlin! and No Surrender Expansions).
New VPG game box available - Austerlitz 20 Very Happy
New VPG game box available - Vittoria 20 Very Happy