Odd error message


I have created a fair few gameboxes, but a recent one has led to the following error message which I have not seen before

'Error of Type Format Exception: Input string was not in a correct format'

Any idea what might cause that? Have triple checked the syntax and cannot find anything wrong!

Any help appreciated

Good to see you're still visiting the forums PeteB . . . Cool

I use a 'master-codelet-file' to produce boxes but have gotten this error too, albeit not so often {?Usually a 'copy&paste' syntax error with a blank <space>?}. I'll keep an eye out and report here if seen again and have a better theory.

To keep errors under control, I have begun making boxes in stages until the project is finished. This helps me compartmentalize the project and makes debugging so much quicker. Mostly, I use this method with the bigger boxes like Europa games. With smaller boxes, I tend to redo the code from scratch (<10 minutes).

Overall, I have seen this error only a few times and finding the bug to squash is pure Evil or Very Mad

Keep making boxes! Rich Razz

EDIT: Spelling

Will keep looking for errors. It must be syntax but I cannot find it at the moment!

PeteB wrote:
It must be syntax but I cannot find it at the moment!

Want to try pasting it here Pete? Maybe some fresh eyes can pick up on it.
Feel free!

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1252" ?>

<dice-hand type="D10">
<dice count="10" color="FFFFFF" pips="000000"/>

<map name="ILF2 Map" image-file="ILF2 Map.jpg" resolution="300 dpi"/>

<counter-sheet name="ILF2 Counters"
front-image-file="ILF2 Counters front.jpg" front-resolution="300 dpi"
back-image-file="ILF2 Counters back.jpg" back-resolution="300 dpi">

<counter-section rows="2" columns="10"
front-left="250" front-top="177" front-right="1364" front-bottom="536"
back-left="2054" back-top="170" back-right="3161" back-bottom="537"/>

<counter-section rows="2" columns="10"
front-left="1430" front-top="175" front-right="2543" front-bottom="536"
back-left="875" back-top="173" back-right="1985" back-bottom="537"/>

<counter-section rows="2" columns="3"
front-left="2608" front-top="174" front-right="3161" front-bottom="537"
back-left="255" back-top="172" back-right="809" back-bottom="535"/>

<counter-section rows="2" columns="10"
front-left="251" front-top="601" front-right="1364" front-bottom="962"
back-left="2054" back-top="603" back-right="3167" back-bottom="965"/>

<counter-section rows="2" columns="10"
front-left="1431" front-top="601" front-right="2545" front-bottom="962"
back-left="874" back-top="600" back-right="1988" back-bottom="962"/>

<counter-section rows="2" columns="3"
front-left="2610" front-top="602" front-right="3165" front-bottom="962"
back-left="254" back-top="599" back-right="808" back-bottom="961"/>

<counter-section rows="2" columns="10"
front-left="251" front-top="1029" front-right="1368" front-bottom="1389"
back-left="2056" back-top="1030" back-right="3165" back-bottom="1392"/>

<counter-section rows="2" columns="10"
front-left="1432" front-top="1029" front-right="2545" front-bottom="1388"
back-left="`874" back-top="1027" back-right="1988" back-bottom="1390"/>

<counter-section rows="2" columns="3"
front-left="2612" front-top="1028" front-right="3164" front-bottom="1389"
back-left="255" back-top="1025" back-right="808" back-bottom="1387"/>

<counter-section rows="2" columns="10"
front-left="251" front-top="1456" front-right="1366" front-bottom="1812"
back-left="2054" back-top="1457" back-right="3165" back-bottom="1817"/>

<counter-section rows="2" columns="10"
front-left="1432" front-top="1454" front-right="2545" front-bottom="1815"
back-left="875" back-top="1454" back-right="1988" back-bottom="1815"/>

<counter-section rows="2" columns="3"
front-left="2614" front-top="1455" front-right="3165" front-bottom="1814"
back-left="253" back-top="1454" back-right="806" back-bottom="1810"/>

<counter-section rows="2" columns="10"
front-left="252" front-top="1881" front-right="1366" front-bottom="2236"
back-left="2054" back-top="1882" back-right="3163" back-bottom="2243"/>

<counter-section rows="2" columns="10"
front-left="1434" front-top="1879" front-right="2548" front-bottom="2238"
back-left="875" back-top="1881" back-right="1988" back-bottom="2240"/>

<counter-section rows="2" columns="3"
front-left="2613" front-top="1879" front-right="3165" front-bottom="2241"
back-left="252" back-top="1887" back-right="806" back-bottom="2237"/>


<counter-sheet name="ILF2 Markers"
front-image-file="ILF2 Markers.jpg" front-resolution="300 dpi">

<counter-section rows="2" columns="15"
front-left="144" front-top="228" front-right="2259" front-bottom="499"/>

<counter-section rows="2" columns="15"
front-left="144" front-top="558" front-right="2259" front-bottom="869"/>

<counter-section rows="2" columns="15"
front-left="145" front-top="887" front-right="2260" front-bottom="1159"/>

<counter-section rows="2" columns="15"
front-left="144" front-top="1217" front-right="2260" front-bottom="1489"/>

<counter-section rows="2" columns="15"
front-left="144" front-top="1547" front-right="2260" front-bottom="1819"/>

<counter-section rows="2" columns="15"
front-left="144" front-top="1876" front-right="2260" front-bottom="2149"/>

<counter-section rows="2" columns="15"
front-left="144" front-top="2207" front-right="2260" front-bottom="2481"/>

<counter-section rows="2" columns="15"
front-left="144" front-top="2537" front-right="2260" front-bottom="2812"/>

<counter-section rows="2" columns="15"
front-left="144" front-top="2869" front-right="2260" front-bottom="3140"/>


Not sure it matters, but the only thing I see different from any of my game-box.xml's is a space between the " and the />

resolution="300 dpi" />
back-bottom="2231" shadow="0" />

But, you said you have created many a gamebox, so I assume this is how it is in your other .xml files.
Posted over at the ZunTzu Consimworld forum. Maybe we can get some more guys over to have a look.
Typically the error message cites line and character numbers when the problem is in the script; such as in line 40, position 14, etc etc
Maybe it's the file format of your images it's having trouble with?
Maybe it means the gamebox.xml is not saved in the correct file format. Not a sytax error, but a computer file format error?
A quick look suggests that your gamebox text is fine, can you post your scenario file?

Regards, Bill
Windows seems to recognise it as an XML fine

Here is the ZTS file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="Windows-1252"?>
<layout board="ILF2 Map"/>
<layout board="ILF2 Counters"/>
<layout board="ILF2 Markers"/>

Hi Pete,

Try changing the scenario-name in your .zts file from "All" to "ILF2.zts".

Regards, Bill.
Try changing counters from board to tab:

<layout tab="Counters" />

Uhlan Thanks for the input guys, but neither of those worked

Genuinely stumped as to what the issue is!

Want to share the gamebox? Maybe it will work on a different machine....