Advice on tiling multiple images into single image.

Dear all

Just thought I'd share a tip on a problem I had.

Basically I had loads of regular sized image files that I wanted to compile into a single image for Zun Tzu for a card sheet. Obviously these needed to be seamless; with no overlap; and little loss in quality.

Most people advised me to try photoshop (which I don't have) and create a contact sheet.

In the end I used MS Image Composite Editor:

From File... I chose New Structured Panorama... set the columns so it was nice and square and then set the overlap on horizontal and vertical to 1% ( I also set search radius as low as possible). Basically I wanted to prevent any overlap at all...

Set the Camera motion to 'Planar motion 1' so larger sheets don't distort...

Then just export as a JPG (at 100 quality I assume)

Jobs a gud'un Cool

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Great tip, thanks!
Also, I wonder if that software would help with the stitching of large boardgames that can't be scanned in one go.

Jerome, ZunTzu developer. Yes, that is a great tip - thanks!

And Jerome, yes it does work beautifully with maps (I've already tried it).
Thanks for the kudos

I hadn't tried it with a board image. Does it sort the alignment and stitching well then?

Also realised I forgot to mention it's free!!! Cool
ICE stitches, but loses quality -- exports as 96dpi and creates huge jpg or png files when I tried it. At least MS Office programs will save as 150dpi (eg, piecing A4 scans together in powerpoint) -- which still isn't that great.
Somebody mentioned on CinsimWorld a program that does the stitching for map scans- something called "Hugin" or "Huggin" perhaps. I can try and dig up the link when I get to a PC later.

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